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The Purple Shed Studio is the Belper based creative space of Christine Thomas.  It is the haven where Christine can imagine, create and grow away from the stresses of daily life.





Christine Thomas is a mixed media and mosaic artist. She works with many different mediums and is multi skilled.


She studied for a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at the University of Derby and went on to study for a PGC in Community & Participatory Arts at Staffordshire University alongside bringing up her young family.


Her creativity is driven by many inspirations from the smallest piece of texture to a sublime landscape. She is passionate about recycling and living ethically wherever possible and this is often expressed in her piqué assiette mosaics which are supported by her magpie tendencies to collect.




She has exhibited work nationally and internationally from London to America.




History of the purple shed studio name.


After completing my degree, I decided that working on my kitchen table was no longer a viable option and that I deserved to treat myself as a professional with my own space to work in.



So began the hunt for my own studio, on non existent funds I very quickly realised that I couldn’t afford to rent anywhere. While day bemoaning this fact to a friend, they happily piped up with the offer to use their shed.



This was my first studio space, a brick built purple shed at the bottom of a garden in Derby.



So from this space I progressed to a purpose built space in my own garden via spaces in Cromford Mills and the middle of Belper.



I kept the purple shed studio name as a homage to my first studio that have me the space to explore and discover  new techniques and I will always  remember that feeling of inspiration that would lead me down that garden at 5am, to listen to the birdsong and work on my  latest piece of artwork.



Christine Thomas





Christine is also experienced at running workshops for a wide range of communities for any age or ability and has a good knowledge of how art can be connected to the school curriculum.




Christine is happy to show you her work, discuss a commission or explore creative ideas for workshops.